About Tanzania

Why Tanzania?


Because its was here on the dust floor of Olduvai Gorge that human kinds earliest relatives walked leaving their footprint behind as a mark of humanity’s beginning.it was here again on palm fringed beaches of Zanzibar, That Swahili traders welcomed dhows from across the Indian Ocean.

Tips Of Tanzania

Tanzania climates is predominately tropical coastal areas are usually hot and Humid but on the Beaches a sea breeze cool the air considerably the average day Temperature is 280C – 300C Tanzania has two rains season the long rains from late March to June and the shorts one from November to January. The short rains season tend to be much less severe.

The coolest Months are June, July and August when the weather is offer overcast in high altitude area such as Kilimanjaro and  Ngorongoro Highlands temperatures can fall below freezing.

Travel Tips

Departures tax from Tanzania and Zanzibar is included in the price of your tickets whether flying on Domestic or International flight .

Entry Requirements

A valid passport most visitors to Tanzania require a Visa to enter the country Three Month single entry tourist visas are available at Tanzania embassies in your country price subject to your nationality also at arrival  visa But also quick and Easy online at www.immigration.go.tv .

Health and Safety

Tanzania Tourism is committed to ensuring visitors have an enjoyable, safe, and memorable experience throughout their stay. We also make every effort to keep visitors and residents aware of any health risks or warnings. Travelers who arriving from Yellow Fever countries should vaccinate from Yellow Fever and poses a valid International Yellow Fever Vaccination Certificate. Travelers transited from endemic countries for 12 hours or more are also entitled to be vaccinated and possess a valid International Valid of Vaccination. However, travelers exempted from Yellow Fever Vaccination are:

  • Under Medical ground or
  • Age below I year and above 60 years
  • Pregnant woman.

Malaria is still prevalent in East Africa and so one should also take a malaria prophylaxis. There are many different kinds of medications for Malaria. However, precautions should be taken to avoid being bitten by mosquitoes. Apply insect repellent and sleep under mosquito nets at night. Wear long-sleeved shirts and trousers in the evenings



Tanzania Shillings (Tsh or TZS|)


Kiswahili, English and Arabic


Bank and bureau de change are available at airport and all major town