Why book with Mozeti tours?
Mozetitours is home growing company established 2013 is the one of leading sightseeing Company in Tanzania / Zanzibar we provide Book at all Tours and Tickets for who want to come Tanzania to enjoyed tour.

Are there any specially advantages in buying tickets with you ?

By Purchasing your tickets with u will get Best price Guarantee which means if you find the same Tours or Activity sold for less we will Bit the different. Teams and Condition apply

How can I pass on my comment to Mozetitours?

Please contact our department on info@mozetitours.com they will be happy to hear your comments or alternatively you will call us ….

How secure are my personal details?

Your personally detail or information is submitted on a secure server with high security encryption and is used only for to create your package and Tickets book details will not be passed on to any third party.

Do you offer group discounts?

Yes please if you have group consists of 4 – 10 or more then please contact our office Department who will be happy to assist you with your enquiry and see what we can arrange at info@mozetitours.com.

How do I make payment?

you can make payment through our website are accept most of card.

Will you contact me if there is any problem?

Yes if there are problem with your booking or payment detail we will contact you on the phone or email address state on your booking.

Will you use my personal information to send me promotional material?

Its your choice when making your booking a check box will appear either ticked or leave it as you see.

How do I cancel my booking?

For full and half day tour will only be made if your cancel over 24hours before your tickets if tour take cancel later than this you will not be refund..


Why travel with Mozeti tours and safaris?

Mozeti tours and safaris and all team understand that the details make all difference so with us every need is anticipated and everyday offer a pleasant surprise while on safaris. We always wait for your request 24hrs. Our mission is to give a unique service for our respective clients.

What should I wear for safaris?

When travelling to foreign destinations it is always respectful to dress modestly and we suggest the emphasis is on comfortable clothing.

It is often warm on the plains and at lower altitudes but cold in the hilly and mountainous areas.

Do lodges and camp have mosquitos?

Not all camps/lodges in Tanzania have mosquito nets. It all depends on their individual location, i.e. altitude, near open water, etc.
Also, much of the accommodations are tented camps. These tents tend to be tightly sealed and zipped tight avoiding the need for mosquito netting.

When is the best time for wildlife?

A vast country and home to some of nature’s greatest events, Tanzania is accessible all year.  However, to see what you want, you must be there are the right place in the right time…

When is the great wildebeest Migration?

The Great Wildebeest Migration in the plains of East Africa is one of the world’s most thrilling, intriguing and spectacular displays of wildlife behavior. It normally happens on July- August and sometime September crossing Mara River to Serengeti and Return October and early November.

Where is the best in Tanzania for birding?

Lake Manyara: Famous for its pink Haze of thousands of flamingos.It has a list of 450 species of birds

Ngorongoro crater: It is a true garden of Eden has over 500 species of birds.

Lake Magadi is a shallow soda lake home of greater and lesser flamingos.

Serengeti: Is a host to more than 540 species residents and migrant inclusive.

Tarangire: Is fantastic with over 500 species so far recorded

Do you offer join group safaris?

Yes, we offer many routes and dates for group safaris. Group safaris are great if you’re a group of friends or family (obviously) but they’re even better if you’re a solo traveler and you’d like all the fun and awe of a safari but you don’t want to go it alone. It’s cheaper for you, too. Group safaris can be magical.

What immunization do I need before going for safari?

We suggest you contact a traveler’s clinic for specific recommendations for the country you are traveling to. A Yellow Fever vaccination is required if you are traveling to Zanzibar.


Can I bring my children and grandchildren on safari?

We’ve got all sorts of ideas for your safari holidays and will transform your children’s playtime into safari time. Where the animals of their toys come to life.

How far in advance should I book my safari?

It is highly recommended to make arrangements for your safari in advance as far possible like 2months earlier or more.

We even provide last minute booking because we care about our clients and we would love them to enjoy their tours on time.

What types of accommodation do you offer in safaris

We pride ourselves on selecting and representing the finest hotel, lodges and camps and know we can offer you the right match of your accommodation requirements.

What types of vehicle do you use for safari?

We use Land cruisers 4wd for safaris and to be comfortable and luxury for our roads during the Safaris in the park.


I would like to combine a safari with an island is it possible?

Yes, it is very possible to combine safaris with island. We normally provide the tour to our guest so they can enjoy both mainland especially in wilderness thereafter we take them to the island for relaxation.

What sorts of things are there for visitors to do on Zanzibar?

Many visit Zanzibar and spend the majority of their time at beach locations. For those who want some activity, some hotel can provide water-sport center mainly offering surfing, diving and snorkeling. There is City tour around stone town where you will see the historical/archeological sites.

Zanzibar is well known for red colobus monkey which are found in Jozani forest. You may even do spice tour where all spices are found.

How do we get around Zanzibar?

We suggest for early booking to save time and probably money. We offer transfers with qualified & professional guides and drivers for them to show you around Zanzibar.

What is the main language in Zanzibar?

Swahili is the local language although English is widely spoken. Staff at all hotels, shops and restaurants can speak English.

What is the main language in Zanzibar?

Swahili is the local language although English is widely spoken. Staff at all hotels, shops and restaurants can speak English.

What Is the main religion/culture in Zanzibar ?

On Zanzibar, the majority of the people are Muslim. The Islamic tradition means Zanzibar’s have a moderate and hospitable manner. On the mainland, Christianity is the main religion.

Do I need any travel insurance?

We advise travel insurance, as with anywhere, accidents do happen and having insurance helps prevent a bad situation becoming worse.

Is visa required?

Yes, for the majority of countries we recommend getting visa before you leave your country but they can also be obtained at the airport on arrival depending on which country you’re from.

Any Vaccination requirements or do I need any vaccination when I get to Zanzibar?

Tanzanian health authorities are advising people to vaccinate themselves against Yellow Fever for their own protection the certificate is valid for 10years.

When the best is time to visit Zanzibar/is it safe for rainy season?

The best time to visit Zanzibar is during the dry season, Zanzibar is an oceanic island so the weather is unpredictable (it is mostly predictable). It is also possible to visit Zanzibar during the rainy season. The rain is heavy but not constant and during this time the sunset is rarely seen.

What sort of accommodation is available

We accommodate our guest depending on their standard of hotel and their interest of the hotel they would love. We don’t randomly choose for them. We always provide best hotel where our guest will feel comfortable and have luxurious lifestyle and favorable atmosphere .

Is Zanzibar good for family destinations?

Zanzibar offers wonderful value for families, although some establishments will cater more for children’s enjoyment than other. We assure that we will advise you of the best family travel options.